Their Finest Hour
is the fascinating, inside story of the state funeral held for four days in November 1963 for President John F. Kennedy (JFK). The tale is told by 22 members of the US Army’s official ceremonial unit, The Third US Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), each of whom participated in the funeral in various important ways. Their first-person accounts provide a unique perspective on the events constituting the state funeral and contain much insider information not found in other sources.

Their Finest Hour is must reading for anyone interested in the presidency of JFK and the circumstances surrounding his untimely death and burial. It portrays the elite and dedicated soldiers of The Old Guard and how they rose above adversity to bury President John F. Kennedy with ceremonial splendor and pageantry. It was their finest hour.

Thomas Reid wrote his account of his personal role in the JFK funeral, and compiled the accounts of 21 other participants in the funeral. The result is contained in the book, Their Finest Hour.

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